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With over 25 years of producing and creating art in many different media, Matthew has recently been concentrating his skills on creating abstract artworks.

Taking his inspiration from shapes and contours in the countryside, nature and the human form Matthew abstracts information and imagery and turns them into 2D and 3D works of art.

Matthew uses many materials in his practice achieving bold and dynamic work in 3D and more subtle and sensitive works in 2D.


Constantly searching for new ways to create work through the materials I explore, I aim to express the energy, rhythms and spirit by repetition and patience inspired by the topography. The pieces are about finding a place, an identity – amidst the uncertainty of our surroundings.


“As a farmer son I have spent my life walking the Wiltshire countryside, for pleasure and in the past for work. My senses are on high alert absorbing the colours, texture and changes within my environment. As an artist I take upon myself to capture that information and utilize it to the best of my capabilities.”

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